And what a truly incredible year it was! We’ve put together some of our favorite moments from every engagement, formal session and wedding celebration that we can share. 2017 was an incredible time for our business and it’s all thanks to you. We photographed 40+ celebrations and 200+ portrait and commercial sessions. There were months of triple header wedding weekends, weeks of 2-3 sessions per day and countless sleepless nights. But in all of that there was a significant amount of love and goodness we were completely immersed in, and for that we’re forever grateful. Thank you so much for all the trust and kindness you’ve extended us in our work and relationships. Most importantly thank you for your friendships and support.

We achieved a few important goals this year. We wanted to travel just enough to give us new experiences, yet we also found a new appreciation for our city and all the love and beauty that’s here. We actually purchased our first home this summer to make Northern Utah/the mountains our home base as it grows and more of you find your way here. We aimed to photograph less styled work to keep our minds focused on the importance of doing well on our clients and building our portfolio with real life celebrations. We also wanted to be confident enough in our portraits that we could share an image from every session and wedding (with the exception of some clients who preferred to stay private). This was difficult and I found myself wanting to make collages of 5+ images from each wedding. Below aren’t the most epic, the fanciest or whatever adjective the blogs look for in features. They’re some of the more real moments that we felt truly connected with in the moment. They’re real couples having a real wedding and expressing their real love. That’s what a wedding is about and why we enjoy this more than anything.

Thank you again guys, you’ve made this a fantastic year.

xo. elisha and todd


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