Madi and Blake’s Spiral Jetty Engagements

Madi and Blake’s engagements on the Great Salt Lake were other worldly. Those are the only words that come to mind when thinking back to that evening. When they mentioned wanting to make the three hour drive on unpaved dirt roads into Northern rural Utah, brave the bugs and see the Spiral Jetty, we all knew it would be gorgeous but had no idea it would be quite like this. I’ve never seen the lake appear as dream-like as it was this day, it was incredible. The best part still was getting to know these two and just being around them. There’s nothing quite like being inspired by two people so closely in love while witnessing one of the better views nature has to offer. I can’t thank these two enough for the chance to make the trip out and experience this with them. My favorite part was right at the end. We had just ended the session when they spotted a lone chair in the middle of the water. I stayed behind as they walked out to sit on the chair together and spend a quiet moment alone. No pictures were taken and the experience was one to remember.


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